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Timo de Ruig Tel. +31 (0) 88 045 08 80

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Jordy Wegman Tel. +31 (0) 88 045 08 80

Per e-mail:      info@deskbike.nl

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Don't be Shy.... Contact us to become a Dealer of the Deskbike

Thank you for showing interest in our product: the Deskbike®. If you are, just like us, enthusiastic about Health Products at Work places. And you know how important movement is for people’s well-being. Become a Partner of us by expanding your Assortment with The Deskbike!

Why the Deskbike is a huge opportunity for your company
We believe that there is a big opportunity for your business, because the Deskbike is always sold in combination with a standing desk and other ergonomic products which you already sell. So you can offer your customer a great combination deal. That gives you the opportunity to increase your sales.

See for further information the webpage ‘In the media’. The Deskbike is already very successful in the Netherlands and we approach traders abroad too.

More information is also available on our Social Media and of course on this website. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

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