Go cycling! Not only to work but also at work

While using the Deskbike┬« you stimulate the blood flow in the upper leg muscles. These are the largest muscles in the human body. Exercising more reduces fat and sugar in this muscle group.

Many companies use the Deskbike. This bike is used in combination with a Sit Stand Desk. The Deskbike is available in 8 colors, White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Silver. Take a spin to test the Deskbike at a dealer near you or the Worktrainer Experience Center in Harmelen, The Netherlands. Switch standing with riding the Deskbike during your working day and you will feel fit at the end of the day.


Challenge yourself and ride even more on the Deskbike with the free Deskbike App. All achievements during your working day will be monitored and saved in the Deskbike App, like how much km you paddled away. Ride the 3D World Tour and ensure you reach your goal by riding your Deskbike for an hour behind your desk. Download the free App in the Appstore or in Google Playstore.


Change your Smartphone into a real bikecomputer with the Deskbike Speed and Cadence sensor. The sensor sends speed and distance results to your mobile. Or cycle a nice route on the computer. De Speed en Cadence sensor has a Bluetooth sender.

Deskbike Desk

The Deskbike is used in combination with a Stand Desk. To utilize a Deskbike you need a Stand Desk with a minimal height of 110 cm. See our large collection Desks at our site Worktrainer.nl

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According to TNO the Deskbike stimulates the brain;

“Blood and oxygen can reach the brain easier using the Deskbike during working time, and this will stimulate you to stay sharp and accurate. Research has shown that employees who move while using the computer read 30% quicker (Source TNO 2011).”

New! Extra comfortable seat

The seat of the Deskbike is extra comfortable, adjustable to 9 settings in height. The Deskbike is suitable for users up to 200 cm, order the extension piece if you are over 185 cm in length.

Stop sitting all day and start cycling!

Cycling easier or heavier is adjustable by turning the resistance button. It is not the intention to cycle 8 hours straight. Switch cycling with standing and keep on the move all day.

Free App included

The Deskbike comes with a free app to track your bike ride achievements. This App will motivate you even more to work out at work.


Easy to set up

The Deskbike will be delivered in a box with a user manual. Putting together the Deskbike is very easy and will take you 10 minutes at the most.

Fit at work

Set up your desk at standing height. Set height of the worktop up to navel height. There are 4 wheels underneath the Deskbike, place it under the desk and step on calmly.

And now get to work!

We recommend an hour standing, 30 minutes of cycling, again an hour standing, 30 minutes of cycling and so on. Your body will be grateful at the end of your working day.

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