Why Cycling

The Deskbike is seen more frequently in the news and other media. The Netherlands discovered that it is also possible to exercise while working, by cycling. Try a cycling meeting too! Also abroad the Deskbike is found. Meanwhile we deliver Deskbikes to businesses and schools in Belgium, Germany, and England. The Desk Bike is completely renewed, more stable, more capacity, and now available with free app.

Cycling in the Classroom by RTL NEWS

Of course sitting in the classroom all day long is unhealthy for students and teachers, cycling on the Deskbike during lessons makes you exercise!

RTL Z TODAY are cycling during the show

Did you exercise 2 hours a day already? The crew of RTL Z Today try the Deskbike during the show.

University Groningen is testing THE DESKBIKE

Everyone on the Deskbike! A pilot at the Faculty for Economics and Business studies. First impression: ‘More fit and more productive.’

Virtual Tour at our Customer VELDHUIS ADVIES

At our client Veldhuis Advies a beautiful tour is filmed. Rob Veldhuis, owner invested in ergonomic furnature for his 60 employees.

Pauw & Witteman: The Deskbike at a RADIORECORD

Giel Beelen broke the record of making non-stop radio. But because you can not sit all the 198 hours, he used the Deskbike to stay on the move.

Radio Veronica, exercise @ WORK-DAY

The Deskbike shines in Veronica radio studios while the DJ’s have a spin! They proclaimed this day to be ‘exercise@work-day’.

How you use THE DESKBIKE behind your Standing Desk

How exactly do you install the Deskbike and use it behind your standing Desk? Joost shows you how.

New ! A free APP to use with your DESKBIKE

Challenge yourself and ride even more on the Deskbike with the free Deskbike App. All achievements during your working day will be monitored and saved.


More and more research show the risks of sitting all day. A life long sitting is lethal. An interview about these risks on tv show Éenvandaag.  

DESKBIKE ON FILM in tv show Hart van Nederland

“It’s a good thing to take on another position while working all day behind the computer. By cycling you get more active.”

Brandpunt - THE EXERCISE! - PROFESSOR dr. Scherder

Interview with dr. Scherder at tv show Brandpunt. Often dr Scherder is a guest at ‘De wereld draait door’ and he never sits in this dayly program. His plea: ‘Get on the move’.

Radio station 3FM, event: THE GLASS HOUSE

Tom Dumoulin on the Deskbike Famous ‘Tour the France’ cyclist Tom Dumoulin visits the Glass House and tries out the Deskbike

Reign and Cycle; Minister Edith Schippers DOES IT!

AD Deskbike in the media minister Schippers

Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers appears in ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ on the Deskbike Read article

Prof. Erik Scherder "EXERCISE! that's good for the brain"

Professor Scherder Deskbike One of Deskbike’s great ambassadors Prof. E. Scherder, also a well-known guest on TV shows Read article

In the Telegraaf: 'A COMPANY BICYCLE'

Deskbike from the office Employees of Oracle chose to furnish their workspaces with Deskbikes. Read more.

AD - GET ON THE MOVE behind your desk

Cycle behind the Desk Accenture keeps the collegaes fit@work namely to prevent absenteeism. The results are positive!

More moving LOWERS Chance on DEMENTIA

Lowers chance dementia Health magazine interviewing dr. Erik Scherder

NRC 'Cycling while answering E-MAIL'

Cycling while answering Email Researcher Ingrid Hendriksen working for TNO does research about sit behaviour, using her Deskbike.


GGD Deskbike Click to read the article

A Higher Grade at School by using DESKBIKE

Deskbike a higher grade Exercising during classes is one thing that doesn’t often take place. Schools using the Deskbike can make a difference! Read article on the website.

Cycling while working HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE

TNO research TNO research magazine INNOVATION FOR LIVE. Enlarge article by clicking on the picture.

Radar and Health magazine: DESKBIKE SCORES A 9

Get out of your Desk chair Quote: “On the display on my stand desk i can read the results from paddling on the Deskbike. Today i already paddled 400 calories away!”

Elsevier: Get out of your OFFICE CHAIR!

Elsevier Deskbike Read article on the website of Elsevier.

A NEW THREAT to our health sitting all day long

In the media sitting all day Inadequate physical exercising brings serious damage to the health.

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